Sudden singularities in generalized hybrid metric-Palatini cosmologies



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Rosa, Joao Luis and Lobo, Francisco S. N. and Rubiera García, Diego (2021) Sudden singularities in generalized hybrid metric-Palatini cosmologies. Journal of cosmology and astroparticle physics (7). ISSN 1475-7516

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In this work, we explore cosmological sudden singularities arising in the dynamically equivalent scalar-tensor representation of generalized hybrid metric-Palatini gravity. Using a FLRW background, we show that the structure of the field equations prevents sudden singularities from arising at time derivatives of the scale factor of orders lower than four, but that they are allowed to appear for time derivatives of higher orders. Imposing an ansatz for the scale factor, we provide an explicit solution where these sudden singularities appear in the fourth-order time derivative of the scale factor. A comparison of the Hubble and deceleration parameters arising from this model with the experimental measurements from the Planck Satellite allow us to impose constraints on the time span for which the occurrence of sudden singularities becomes likely in our universe, as measured from the Big Bang.

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