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Raising the level: orangutans solve the floating peanut task without visual feedback



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Sebastián Enesco, Carla and Amezcua Valmala, Nerea and Colmenares Gil, Fernando and Mendes, Natacha and Call, Josep (2021) Raising the level: orangutans solve the floating peanut task without visual feedback. Primates . ISSN 0032-8332

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Creative Commons Attribution.


Official URL: https://doi.org/10.1007/s10329-021-00952-4


Chimpanzees and orangutans are able to generate innovative behaviors to solve complicated physical problems. For example, when presented with an out-of-reach peanut at the bottom of a vertical tube (foating peanut task—FPT), some of them spontaneously spit water into the tube until the peanut foats to the top. Yet, it is unclear whether this innovative solution results from repeating those actions that bring the peanut incrementally closer to the top or from anticipating the solution before acting. In the current study, we addressed this question by presenting three naïve orangutans with an opaque version of the FPT that prevented them from obtaining visual information about the efect of their actions on the position of the peanut. One of the subjects solved the opaque FPT in the very frst trial: he collected water from the faucet and poured it into the opaque tube repeatedly until the hitherto non-visible peanut reached the top. This provides evidence for the frst time that orangutans can potentially solve the FPT without relying on sensorimotor learning, but to some extent by mentally representing the problem.

Item Type:Article
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CRUE-CSIC (Acuerdos Transformativos 2021)

Uncontrolled Keywords:Floating peanut task, Innovation, Insight, Visual feedback, Tool use, Orangutans
Subjects:Medical sciences > Psychology > Animal and comparative psychology
ID Code:69479
Deposited On:10 Jan 2022 15:06
Last Modified:18 Feb 2022 10:57

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