Clarifying the structure of low-lying states in Br-72



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Briz, J. A. and Borge, M. J. G. and Rubio, B. and Agramunt, J. and Algora, A. and Deo, A. Y. and Estévez Aguado, M. E. and Farrelly, G. and Fraile Prieto, Luis Mario and Gelletly, W. and Maira, A. and Nacher, E. and Perea, A. and Podolyak, Zs and Poves, A. and Sarriguren, P. and Tengblad, O. (2022) Clarifying the structure of low-lying states in Br-72. Physical review C, 105 (1). ISSN 2469-9985

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The spins and parities of low-lying states in 72Br populated in the beta decay of 72Kr have been studied via conversion electron spectroscopy. The measurements were carried out at ISOLDE using a miniorange spectrometer with Si(Li) and HPGe detectors for electrons and gamma ray detection. Results of the conversion coefficients corresponding to transitions deexciting 12 levels in 72Br are reported. The multipolarities of the transitions are deduced and the spins and parities of the levels involved are discussed. From the multipolarities of the most intense transitions to the ground state, the spin and parity of the 72Br ground state have been definitely established as 1+. The spin of the 101.2-keV isomeric state is determined to be 3-. The level scheme is compared with mean-field and shell-model calculations and oblate deformation for the 72Br ground state is deduced. No E0 transitions have been found in 72Br. E0 transitions in the neighboring isobaric nuclei, 72Se and 72Ge, have also been studied.

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The authors of the IS370 collaboration want to acknowledge the support of the ISOLDE Collaboration and technical teams at CERN. J.A.B. acknowledges the predoctoral Grant No. BES-2008-009412 associated to the research Project No. FPA2007-62170 funded by Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Spain) . This work has been partly supported by the Spanish Funding Agency for Research (AEI) through Projects No. FPA2017-87568-P, No. RTI2018-098868-B-I00, No. PGC2018-093636-B-I00, No. PID2019-104390GB-I00, and No. PID2019-104714GB-C21 and by STFC (UK) through Grant No. ST/P005314/1.

Uncontrolled Keywords:Nuclear-data sheets; Signature inversion; Shape coexistence; Rotational bands; Beta-decay; Z isotope; In-beam; Conversion; Efficiency; KR-72
Subjects:Sciences > Physics > Nuclear physics
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