Impact of Biological Agents on Postsurgical Complications in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Multicentre Study of Geteccu



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García, María José and Rivero, Montserrat and Miranda Bautista, José and Bastón-Rey, Iria and Mesonero, Francisco and Leo Carnerero, Eduardo and Casas Deza, Diego and Cagigas Fernández, Carmen and Martín Cardona, Albert and El Hajra, Ismael and Hernández Aretxabaleta, Nerea and Pérez Martínez, Isabel and Fuentes Valenzuela, Esteban and Jiménez, Nuria and Rubín de Célix, Cristina and Gutiérrez, Ana and Suárez Ferrer, Cristina and Huguet, José María and Fernández Clotet, Agnes and González Vivó, María and Del Val, Blanca and Castro Poceiro, Jesús and Melcarne, Luigi and Dueñas, Carmen and Izquierdo, Marta and Monfort, David and Bouhmidi, Abdel and Ramírez De la Piscina, Patricia and Romero, Eva and Molina, Gema and Zorrilla, Jaime and Calvino Suárez, Cristina and Sánchez, Eugenia and Nuñez, Andrea and Sierra, Olivia and Castro, Beatriz and Zabana, Yamile and González Partida, Irene and De la Maza, Saioa and Castaño, Andrés and Nájera Muñoz, Rodrigo and Sánchez Guillén, Luis and Riat Castro, Micaela and Rueda, José Luis and Benítez, José Manuel and Delgado Guillena, Pedro and Tardillo, Carlos and Peña, Elena and Frago Larramona, Santiago and Rodríguez Grau, María Carmen and Plaza, Rocío and Pérez Galindo, Pablo and Martínez Cadilla, Jesús and Menchén, Luis and Barreiro De Acosta, Manuel and Sánchez Aldehuelo, Rubén and De la Cruz, María Dolores and Lamuela, Luis Javier and Marín, Ignacio and Nieto García, Laura and López San Román, Antonio and Herrera, José Manuel and Chaparro, María and Gisbert, Javier P. (2021) Impact of Biological Agents on Postsurgical Complications in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Multicentre Study of Geteccu. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 10 (19). p. 4402. ISSN 2077-0383

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Background: The impact of biologics on the risk of postoperative complications (PC) in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is still an ongoing debate. This lack of evidence is more relevant for ustekinumab and vedolizumab. Aims: To evaluate the impact of biologics on the risk of PC. Methods: A retrospective study was performed in 37 centres. Patients treated with biologics within 12 weeks before surgery were considered “exposed”. The impact of the exposure on the risk of 30-day PC and the risk of infections was assessed by logistic regression and propensity score-matched analysis. Results: A total of 1535 surgeries were performed on 1370 patients. Of them, 711 surgeries were conducted in the exposed cohort (584 anti-TNF, 58 vedolizumab and 69 ustekinumab). In the multivariate analysis, male gender (OR: 1.5; 95% CI: 1.2–2.0), urgent surgery (OR: 1.6; 95% CI: 1.2–2.2), laparotomy approach (OR: 1.5; 95% CI: 1.1–1.9) and severe anaemia (OR: 1.8; 95% CI: 1.3–2.6) had higher risk of PC, while academic hospitals had significantly lower risk. Exposure to biologics (either anti-TNF, vedolizumab or ustekinumab) did not increase the risk of PC (OR: 1.2; 95% CI: 0.97–1.58), although it could be a risk factor for postoperative infections (OR 1.5; 95% CI: 1.03–2.27). Conclusions: Preoperative administration of biologics does not seem to be a risk factor for overall PC, although it may be so for postoperative infections.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:inflammatory bowel disease; Crohn’s disease; ulcerative colitis; anti-TNF; ustekinumab; vedolizumab; postoperative complications; surgery; preoperative therapy
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