Approaches to the Potential Therapy of COVID-19: A General Overview from the Medicinal Chemistry Perspective



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Menéndez Ramos, José Carlos (2022) Approaches to the Potential Therapy of COVID-19: A General Overview from the Medicinal Chemistry Perspective. Molecules, 27 (3). p. 658. ISSN 1420-3049

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In spite of advances in vaccination, control of the COVID-19 pandemic will require the use of pharmacological treatments against SARS-CoV2. Their development needs to consider the existence of two phases in the disease, namely the viral infection and the inflammatory stages. The main targets for antiviral therapeutic intervention are: (a) viral proteins, including the spike (S) protein characteristic of the viral cover and the viral proteases in charge of processing the polyprotein arising from viral genome translation; (b) host proteins, such as those involved in the processes related to viral entry into the host cell and the release of the viral genome inside the cell, the elongation factor eEF1A and importins. The use of antivirals targeted at host proteins is less developed but it has the potential advantage of not being affected by mutations in the genome of the virus and therefore being active against all its variants. Regarding drugs that address the hyperinflammatory phase of the disease triggered by the so-called cytokine storm, the following strategies are particularly relevant: (a) drugs targeting JAK kinases; (b) sphingosine kinase 2 inhibitors; (c) antibodies against interleukin 6 or its receptor; (d) use of the traditional anti-inflammatory corticosteroids.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:SARS-CoV-2; S antibodies; serine protease inhibitors; 3CLpro inhibitors; RdRp inhibitors; JAK-STAT inhibitors; corticoids; SphK2 inhibitors; IL6 antibodies
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