Quantum invariants for the graph isomorphism problem



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Cruz Calvo, Hernán Indíbil de la and Pelayo, Fernando L. and Pascual, Vicente and Paulet González, Jose Javier and Cuartero Gómez, Fernando and Llana Díaz, Luis Fernando and Mezzini, Mauro (2022) Quantum invariants for the graph isomorphism problem. (Unpublished)

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Graph Isomorphism is such an important problem in computer science, that it has been widely studied over the last decades. It is well known that it belongs to NP class, but is not NP-complete. It is thought to be of comparable difficulty to integer factorisation. The best known proved algorithm to solve this problem in general, was proposed by László Babai and Eugene Luks in 1983. Recently, there has been some research in the topic by using quantum computing, that also leads the present piece of research. In fact, we present a quantum computing algorithm that defines an invariant over Graph Isomorphism characterisation. This quantum algorithm is able to distinguish more non-isomorphic graphs than most of the known invariants so far. The proof of correctness and some hints illustrating the extent and reason of the improvement are also included in this paper.

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