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Arévalo López, Ángel M. and Castillo Martínez, Elizabeth and Alario Franco, Miguel Ángel (2008) Electron energy loss spectroscopy in ACrO3 (A = Ca, Sr and Pb) perovskites. Journal of Physics: Condensed Mater, 20 . p. 505207. ISSN 0953-8984

Gómez, R. and Marquina, V. and Arévalo López, Ángel M. and Pérez, J. L. and Ridaura, R. and Marquina, M.L. and Escamilla, R. and Akachi, T. (2006) Mössbauer study of the (Ru1-xFex)Sr2GdCu2O8-δ system and two of its possible impurities: SrRuO3 and Gd2CuO4. Hyperfine Interactions, 171 . pp. 293-303. ISSN 0304-3843

Castillo Martínez, Elizabeth and Schönleber, Andreas and Smaalen, Sander van and Arévalo López, Ángel M. and Alario Franco , Miguel Ángel (2008) Structure and microstructure of the high pressure synthesised misfit layer compound [Sr2O2][CrO2]1.85. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 181 . pp. 1840-1847. ISSN 0022-4596

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