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Şenavcı, H. V. and Kılıçoğlu, T. and Işık, E. and Hussain, G.A.J. and Montes Gutiérrez, David and Bahar, E. and Solanki, S.K. (2021) Observing and modelling the young solar analogue EK Draconis: starspot distribution, elemental abundances, and evolutionary status. Monthly notices of The Royal Astronomical Society, 502 (3). pp. 3343-3356. ISSN 0035-8711

Şenavcı, H. V. and Bahar, E. and Montes Gutiérrez, David and Zola, S. and Hussain, G. A. J. and Frasca, A. and Işık, E. and Yörükoğlu, O. (2018) Star-spot distributions and chromospheric activity on the RS CVn type eclipsing binary SV Cam. Monthly notices of the royal astronomical society, 479 (1). pp. 875-889. ISSN 0035-8711

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