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Mas García, Salvador and Boissy, Patrice and Monsalve, Rafael I. and Cuesta-Herranz, Javier and Díaz-Perales, Araceli and Colás, Carlos and Rodríguez, Rosalía and Barderas, Rodrigo and Villalba, Mayte (2015) A recombinant Sal k 1 isoform as an alternative to the polymorphic allergen from Salsola kali pollen for allergy diagnosis. International Archives of Allergy and Inmunology, 167(2) . pp. 83-93. ISSN 1018-2438 (Print) ; 1423-0097 (On line)

Khodarahmi, Reza and Torrente Rodríguez, Rebeca M. and Ruiz-Valdepeñas Montiel, Víctor and Campuzano, Susana and Pedrero Muñoz, María and Farchado, Meryem and Vargas, Eva and Manuel de Villena, F. Javier and Garranzo Asensio, María and Barderas, Rodrigo and Pingarrón Carrazón, José Manuel (2017) Electrochemical sensor for rapid determination of fibroblast growth factor receptor 4 in raw cancer cell lysates. PLOS ONE, 12 (4). ISSN 1932-6203

Garranzo Asensio, María and San Segundo Acosta, Pablo and Povés Francés, Carmen and Fernández Aceñero, María Jesús and Martínez Useros, Javier and Montero Calle, Ana and Solís Fernández, Guillermo and Sánchez Martínez, Mari Cruz and Rodríguez, Nuria and Cerón, María Ángeles and Fernández Díez, Servando and Domínguez Muñóz, Gemma and Ríos, Vivian de los and Peláez García, Alberto, Alberto and Guzmán Aránguez, Ana Isabel and Barderas, Rodrigo (2020) Identification of tumor-associated antigens with diagnostic ability of colorectal cancer by in-depth immunomic and seroproteomic analysis. Journal of proteomics, 214 . p. 103635. ISSN 1874-3919

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