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Maiani, Emiliano and Milletti, Giacomo and Nazio, Francesca and Holdgaard, Søs Grønbæk and Bartkova, Jirina and Rizza, Salvatore and Cianfanelli, Valentina and Lorente Pérez, Mar and Simoneschi, Daniele and Di Marco, Miriam and D'Acunzo, Pasquale and Di Leo, Luca and Rasmussen, Rikke and Montagna, Costanza and Raciti, Marilena and De Stefanis, Cristiano and Gabicagogeascoa, Estíbaliz and Rona, Gergely and Salvador, Nélida and Pupo, Emanuela and Merchut-Maya, Joanna Maria and Daniel, Colin J. and Carinci, Marianna and Cesarin, Valeriana and O’sullivan, Alfie and Jeong, Yeon-Tae and Bordi, Matteo and Russo, Francesco and Campello, Silvia and Gallo, Angela and Filomeni, Giuseppe and Lanzetti, Letizia and Sears, Rosalie C. and Hamerlik, Petra and Bartolazzi, Armando and Hynds, Robert E. and Pearce, David R. and Swanton, Charles and Pagano, Michele and Velasco, Guillermo and Papaleo, Elena and Zio, Daniela De and Maya-Mendoza, Apolinar and Locatelli, Franco and Bartek, Jiri and Cecconi, Francesco (2021) AMBRA1 regulates cyclin D to guard S-phase entry and genomic integrity. Nature, 592 . pp. 799-803. ISSN 1476-4687

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