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Gil de Paz, Armando and Madore, B. F. and Boissier, S. and Swaters, R. and Popescu, C. C. and Tuffs, R. J. and Sheth, K. and Kennicutt, R. C. and Bianchi, L. and Thilker, D. and Martin, D. C. (2005) Discovery of an extended ultraviolet disk in the nearby galaxy NGC 4625. Astrophysical journal, 627 (1). L29-L32. ISSN 0004-637X

Thilker, D. A. and Bianchi, L. and Meurer, G. and Gil de Paz, Armando and Boissier, S. and Madore, B. F. and Ferguson, A. and Hameed, S. and Neff, S. and Martin, C. D. and Rich, R. M. and Schiminovich, D. and Seibert, M.;, M. and Wyder, T. (2008) Resolved stellar populations constituting extended UV disks (XUV-disks) in nearby galaxies. In Formation and evolution of galaxy disks. ASP Conference Series, 396 . Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), San Francisco, pp. 223-224. ISBN 978-1-58381-662-2

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