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González Acebrón, Laura and Barroso Barcenilla, Fernando and Cambra Moo, Oscar and Carenas, Beatriz and Segura, Manuel (2014) Environmental significance of gypsum-bearing layers at the “Lo Hueco” paleontological site (Upper Cretaceous, Cuenca, Spain): petrography, fluid inclusions, and isotopic relations. Facies : Carbonate Sedimentology and Paleoecology, 60 (3). pp. 755-771. ISSN 0172-9179

Audije Gil, Julia and Canillas, M. and Barroso Barcenilla, Fernando and Berrocal Casero, Melani and Campo, Adolfo del and González Martín, Armando and Molera, Judit and Vallcorba, O. and Rodríguez, Miguel A. and Cambra Moo, Oscar (2022) Going deeper into modern and fossil crocodilian tooth microanatomy: what can be inferred of palaeoenvironment and taphonomy from histochemical analyses? Rivista italiana di paleontologia e stratigrafia, 128 (2). pp. 539-557. ISSN 0035-6883

Cambra Moo, Oscar and Barroso Barcenilla, Fernando and Berreteaga, Ana and Carenas, Beatriz and Coruña López, Francisco and Domingo Martínez, Laura and Domingo Martínez, María Soledad and Elvira, Ana and Escaso, Fernando and Ortega, Francisco and Pérez García, Adán and Peyrot, Daniel and Sanz, José Luis and Segura, Manuel and Sopelana, Aitor and Torices Hernández, Angélica (2012) Preliminary taphonomic approach to “Lo Hueco” palaeontological site (Upper Cretaceous, Cuenca, Spain). Geobios, 45 (2). pp. 157-166. ISSN 0016-6995

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