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Duval, Mathieu and Grün, Rainer and Parés, Josep M. and Martín-Francés, Laura and Campaña, Isidoro and Rosell, Jordi and Shao, Qingfeng and Arsuaga, Juan Luis and Carbonell i Roura, Eudald and Bermúdez de Castro, José María (2018) The first direct ESR dating of a hominin tooth from Atapuerca Gran Dolina TD-6 (Spain) supports the antiquity of Homo antecessor. Quaternary Geochronology, 47 . pp. 120-137. ISSN 1871-1014, ESSN: 1878-0350

Rios Garaizar, Joseba and Iriarte, Eneko and Arnold, Lee J. and Sanchez Romero, Laura and Marín Arroyo, Ana B. and San Emeterio, Aixa and Gómez Olivencia, Asier and Pérez Garrido, Carlos and Demuro, Martina and Campaña, Isidoro and Bourguignon, Laurence and Benito Calvo, Alfonso and Iriarte, María J. and Aranburu, Arantza and Arranz Otaegi, Amaia and Garate, Diego and Silva Gago, María and Lahaye, Christelle and Ortega, Illuminada (2022) The intrusive nature of the Châtelperronian in the Iberian Peninsula. PLoS ONE . ISSN 1932-6203

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