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Sevilla Movilla, Silvia and Fuentes, Patricia and Rodríguez García, Yaiza and Arellano Sánchez, Nohemi and Krenn, Peter W. and Isern de Val, M. Soledad and Montero Herradón, Sara and Garcia-Ceca Hernández, Javier and Burdiel Herencia, Valeria and Gardeta, Sofía R. and Aguilera Montilla, Noemí and Barrio Alonso, Celia and Crainiciuc, Georgiana and Bouvard, Daniel and García-Pardo, Angeles and Zapata González, Agustín and Hidalgo, Andrés and Fässler, Reinhard and Carrasco, Yolanda R. and Toribio, Maria L. and Teixidó, Joaquín (2022) ICAP-1 loss impairs CD8+ thymocyte development and leads to reduced marginal zone B cells in mice. European Journal of Immunology, 52 (8). pp. 1228-1242. ISSN 0014-2980; Electronic: 1521-4141

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