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Blanco-Sánchez, Mario and Moore, Michael J. and Ramos-Muñoz, Marina and Pías Couso, María Beatriz and García Fernández, Alfredo and Prieto, M. and Plaza, Lidia and Ignacio, Isabel and Escudero, Adrián and Matesanz, Silvia (2021) Phylogeography of a gypsum endemic plant across its entire distribution range in the western Mediterranean. American Journal of Botany, 108 (3). pp. 443-460. ISSN 0002-9122; Electronic: 1537-2197

Calatayud, Joaquín and Andivia Muñoz, Enrique and Escudero, Adrián and Melián, Carlos J. and Bernardo-Madrid, Rubén and Stoffel, Markus and Aponte, Cristina and Medina, Nagore G. and Molina-Venegas, Rafael and Arnan, Xavier and Rosvall, Martin and Neuman, Magnus and Ari Noriega, Jorge and Alves-Martins, Fernanda and Draper, Isabel and Luzuriaga, Arantzazu and Ballesteros Cánovas, Juan Antonio and Morales-Molino, César and Ferrandis, Pablo and Herrero, Asier and Pataro, Luciano and Juen, Leandro and Cea, Alex and Madrigal-González, Jaime (2019) Positive associations among rare species and their persistence in ecological assemblages. Nature Ecology and Evolution, 4 . pp. 40-45. ISSN 2397-334X

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