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Essalhi, Mohamed and Khayet Souhaimi, Mohamed and Tesfalidet, Solomon and Alsultan, Mohammed and Tavajohi, Naser (2021) Desalination by direct contact membrane distillation using mixed matrix electrospun nanofibrous membranes with carbon-based nanofillers: A strategic improvement. Chemical engineering journal, 426 . ISSN 1385-8947

Essalhi, Mohamed (2014) Development of polymer nono-fiber, micro-fiber and hollow-fiber membranes for desalination by membrane distillation. [Thesis]

Ismail, Norafiqah and Essalhi, Mohamed and Rahmati, Mahmoud and Cui, Zhaoliang and Khayet Souhaimi, Mohamed and Tavajohi, Naser (2021) Experimental and theoretical studies on the formation of pure beta-phase polymorphs during fabrication of polyvinylidene fluoride membranes by cyclic carbonate solvents. Green chemistry, 23 (5). pp. 2130-2147. ISSN 1463-9262

Martín Gallego, Mario and Verdejo, Raquel and Khayet Souhaimi, Mohamed and Ortiz de Zárate Leira, José María and Essalhi, Mohamed and López Manchado, Miguel Ángel (2011) Thermal conductivity of carbon nanotubes and graphene in epoxy nanofluids and nanocomposites. Nanoscale research letters, 6 . ISSN 1931-7573

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