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Tellería Jorge, José Luis and Carbonell Alanís, Roberto and Fandos Guzmán, Guillermo and Tena López, Elena and Onrubia, Alejandro and Qninba, Abdeljebbar and Aguirre de Miguel, José Ignacio and Hernández-Téllez, Irene and Martín, Carlos A. and Ramírez García, Álvaro (2020) Distribution of the european turtle dove (Streptopelia turtur) at the edge of the South-Western Palaearctic: transboundary differences and conservation prospects. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 66 (74). pp. 1-9. ISSN 1612-4642; Electronic: 1439-0574

Hera Fernández, Iván de la and Hernández-Téllez, Irene and Pérez Regueiro, José and Pérez Tris, Javier and Rojo, Francisco Javier and Tellería Jorge, José Luis (2020) Mechanical and structural adaptations to migration in the flight feathers of a Palaearctic passerine. Journal of Evolutionary Biology . pp. 1-11. ISSN 1010-061X, ESSN: 1420-9101

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