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Berg, Stefan and García Pelayo, M Carmen and Müller, Borna and Hailu, Elena and Asiimwe, Benon and Kremer, Kristin and Dale, James and Boniotti, M Beatrice and Rodriguez, Sabrina and Hilty, Markus and Rigouts, Leen and Firdessa, Rebuma and Machado, Adelina and Mucavele, Custodia and Ngandolo, Bongo Nare Richard and Bruchfeld, Judith and Boschiroli, Laura and Müller, Annélle and Sahraoui, Naima and Pacciarini, Maria and Cadmus, Simeon and Joloba, Moses and van Soolingen, Dick and Michel, Anita L and Djønne, Berit and Aranaz Martín, Alicia and Zinsstag, Jakob and van Helden, Paul and Portaels, Françoise and Kazwala, Rudovick and Källenius, Gunilla and Hewinson, R Glyn and Aseffa, Abraham and Gordon, Stephen V and Smith, Noel H (2011) African 2, a clonal complex of Mycobacterium bovis epidemiologically important in East Africa. Journal of bacteriology, 193 (3). pp. 670-8. ISSN 1098-5530

Travis, Emma R and Gaze, William H and Pontiroli, Alessandra and Sweeney, Francis P and Porter, David and Mason, Sam and Keeling, Matthew J C and Jones, Rebecca M and Sawyer, Jason and Aranaz Martín, Alicia and Castellanos Rizaldos, Elena and Cork, Jennifer and Delahay, Richard J and Wilson, Gavin J and Hewinson, R Glyn and Courtenay, Orin and Wellington, Elizabeth M H (2011) An inter-laboratory validation of a real time PCR assay to measure host excretion of bacterial pathogens, particularly of Mycobacterium bovis. PLoS ONE, 6 (11). e27369. ISSN 1932-6203

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