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García Sánchez, Raúl and Itto‐Nakama, Kaori and Rodríguez Peña, José Manuel and Chen, Xiaolin and Sanz Santamaría, Ana Belén and Lorenzo, Alba de and Pavón Vergés, Mónica and Kubo, Karen and Ohnuki, Shinsuke and Nombela Cano, César and Popolo, Laura and Ohya, Yoshikazu and Arroyo, Javier (2021) Poacic acid, a β‐1,3‐glucan–binding antifungal agent, inhibits cell‐wall remodeling and activates transcriptional responses regulated by the cell‐wall integrity and high‐osmolarity glycerol pathways in yeast. The FASEB Journal, 35 (9). ISSN 0892-6638

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