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Gómez Marfil, Emilio and Tabernero, H.M. and Montes Gutiérrez, David and Caballero, J. A. and Soto, M.G. and González Hernández, J. I. and Kaminski, A. and Nagel, E. and Jeffers, S.V. and Reiners, A. and Ribas, I. and Quirrenbach, A. and Amado, P.J. (2020) Stellar atmospheric parameters of FGK-type stars from high-resolution optical and near-infrared CARMENES spectra. Monthly notices of The Royal Astronomical Society, 492 (4). pp. 5470-5507. ISSN 0035-8711

Schweitzer, A. and Passegger, V.M: and Cifuentes, C. and Béjar, V.J.S. and Cortés Contreras, Miriam and Caballero, J. A. and Burgo, C. del and Czesla, S. and Kürster, M. and Montes, D. and Zapatero Osorio, M.R. and Ribas, I. and Reiners, A. and Quirrenbach, A. and Amado, P.J. and Aceituno, J. and Anglada Escudé, G. and Bauer, F.F. and Dreizler, S. and Jeffers, S.V. and Guenther, E.W. and Henning, T. and Kaminski, A. and Lafarga, M. and Marfil, E. and Morales, J.C. and Schmitt, J.H.M.M. and Seifert, W. and Solano, E. and Tabernero, H.M. and Zechmeister, M. (2019) The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs: different roads to radii and masses of the target stars. Astronomy & astrophysics, 625 . ISSN 1432-0746

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