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Castellanos, Elena and Aranaz Martín, Alicia and Gould, Katherine A and Linedale, Richard and Stevenson, Karen and Álvarez Sánchez, Julio and Domínguez Rodríguez, Lucas and Juan Ferré, Lucia de and Hinds, Jason and Bull, Tim J (2009) Discovery of stable and variable differences in the Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis type I, II, and III genomes by pan-genome microarray analysis. Applied and environmental microbiology, 75 (3). pp. 676-86. ISSN 1098-5336

Alvarez, Julio and Perez, Andres M and Bezos Garrido, Javier and Casal, Carmen and Romero Martínez, Beatriz and Rodriguez Campos, Sabrina and Saez Llorente, Jose L and Diaz, Rosa and Carpintero, Jesus and Juan Ferré, Lucia de and Domínguez Rodríguez, Lucas (2012) Eradication of bovine tuberculosis at a herd-level in Madrid, Spain: study of within-herd transmission dynamics over a 12 year period. BMC veterinary research, 8 . p. 100. ISSN 1746-6148

Stevenson, Karen and Álvarez Sánchez, Julio and Bakker, Douwe and Biet, Franck and Juan Ferré, Lucia de and Denham, Susan and Dimareli, Zoi and Dohmann, Karen and Gerlach, Gerald F and Heron, Ian and Kopecna, Marketa and May, Linda and Pavlik, Ivo and Sharp, J Michael and Thibault, Virginie C and Willemsen, Peter and Zadoks, Ruth N and Greig, Alastair (2009) Occurrence of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis across host species and European countries with evidence for transmission between wildlife and domestic ruminants. BMC microbiology, 9 . p. 212. ISSN 1471-2180

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