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Haug, Carolin and Reumer, Jelle W. F. and Haug, Joachim T. and Arillo, Antonio and Audo, Denis and Arillo Aranda, Antonio and Azar, Dany and Baranov, Viktor and Beutel, Rolf and Charbonnier, Sylvain and Feldmann, Rodney and Delclòs, Xavier and Dunlop, Jason and Feldberg, Kathrin and Foth, Christian and Fraaije, René H. B. and Frenzel, Peter and Gašparič, Rok and Greenwalt, Dale E. and Harms, Danilo and Hyžný, Matúš and Jagt, John W. M. and Jagt‑Yazykova, Elena A. and Jarzembowski, Ed and Kerp, Hans and Kirejtshuk, Alexander G. and Klug, Christian and Kopylov, Dmitry S. and Kotthoff, Ulrich and Kriwet, Jürgen and Kunzmann, Lutz and McKellar, Ryan C. and Nel, André and Neumann, Christian and Nützel, Alexander and Perrichot, Vincent and Pint, Anna and Rauhut, Oliver and Schneider, Jörg W. and Schram, Frederick R. and Schweigert, Günter and Selden, Paul and van Bake, Barry W. M. and van Eldijk, Timo and Vega, Francisco J. and Wang, Bo and Wang, Yongdong and Xing, Lida and Reich, Mike (2020) Comment on the letter of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) dated April 21, 2020 regarding “Fossils from conflict zones and reproducibility of fossil-based scientific data”: the importance of private collections. PalZ, 94 . pp. 413-429. ISSN 1867-6812

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