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Qiu, Tong and Aravena, Marie-Claire and Andrus, Robert and Ascoli, Davide and Bergeron, Yves and Berretti, Roberta and Bogdziewicz, Michal and Boivinh, Thomas and Bonal Andrés, Raúl and Caignard, Thomas and Calama, Rafael and Camarero, J. Julio and Clark, Connie J. and Courbaud, Benoit and Delzon, Sylvain and Donoso Calderon, Sergio and Farfan-Rios, William and Gehring, Catherine A. and Gilbert, Gregory S and Greenberg, Cathryn H. and Guo, Qinfeng and Hille Ris Lambers, Janneke and Hoshizaki, Kazuhiko and Ibanez, Ines and Journé, Valentin and Kilner, Christopher L. and Kobe, Richard K. and Kunstler, Georges and LaMontagne, Jalene M. and Ledwon, Mateusz and Lutz, James A. and Motta, Renzo and Myers, Jonathan A. and Nagel, Thomas A. and Nunez, Chase L. and Pearse, Ian S. and Piechnik, Łukasz and Poulsen, John R. and Poulton-Kamakura, Renata and Redmond, Miranda D. and Reid, Chantal D. and Rodman, Kyle C. and Scherer, C. Lane and Schmidt Van Marle, Harald and Seget, Barbara and Sharma, Shubhi and Silman, Miles and Swenson, Jennifer J. and Swift, Margaret and Uriarte, Maria and Vacchiano, Giorgio and Veblen, Thomas T. and Whipple, Amy V. and Whitham, Thomas G. and Wion, Andreas P. and Wright, S. Joseph and Zhu, Kai and Zimmerman, Jess K. and Zywiec, Magdalena and Clark, James S. (2021) Is there tree senescence? The fecundity evidence. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118 (34). pp. 1-10. ISSN 0027-8424 Electronic: 1091-6490

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