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Pérez-González, Sergio and Andújar, Carmelo and Pérez Zaballos, Juan (2017) Hidden biodiversity: total evidence phylogenetics and evolution of morphological traits in a highly diverse lineage of endogean ground beetles, Typhlocharis Dieck, 1869 (Carabidae, Trechinae, Anillini). Cladistics, 33 (4). pp. 1-25. ISSN 0748-3007, ESSN: 1096-0031

Pérez-González, Sergio and Pérez Zaballos, Juan Mateo (2019) Structure of male genitalia in a lineage of minute endogean ground beetles: how four new species of Microcharidius Coiffait, 1969 (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Anillini) reveal gradual change and convergent evolution. Arthropod Systematics and Phylogeny, 77 (1). pp. 57-86. ISSN 1864-8312

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