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Pérez Benito, Óscar and Antón Revilla, Miguel Ángel and Urones Garrote, Esteban and García Martín, Susana and García González, Ester and Weigand Talavera, Rosa María (2022) Chirp-dependent dual light emission in Na_(0.95)Er_(0.05)Nb_(0.9)Ti_(0.1)O_(3) perovskite. Optical materials, 129 . ISSN 0925-3467

Urones Garrote, Esteban (2007) Estudio microestructural de sulfuros metálicos MS-R2S3 (M: Mg, Ca; R: Ce, Nd, Yb). [Thesis]

Martin-Aranda, Maria and Rementeria, Rosalia and Hackenberg, Robert and Urones Garrote, Esteban and Tsai, Shao and Yang, Jen and Capdevila, Carlos (2016) The Non-Steady State Growth of Pearlite outside the Hultgren Extrapolation. Materials, 9 (12). p. 998. ISSN 1996-1944

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