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Rodríguez Pertierra, Luis and Segovia, Nicolas I. and Noll, Daly and Martinez, Pablo and Pliscoff, Patricio and Barbosa Alcón, Andrés and Aragón Carrera, Pedro and Raya Rey, Andrea and Pistorius, Pierre and Trathan, Phil and Polanowski, Andrea and Bonadonna, Francesco and Le Bohec, Céline and Bi, Ke and Wang-Claypool, Cynthia Y. and González-Acuña, Daniel and Dantas, Gisele P. M. and Bowie, Rauri C. K. and Poulin, Elie and Vianna, Juliana A. (2020) Cryptic speciation in gentoo penguins is driven by geographic isolation and regional marine conditions: Unforeseen vulnerabilities to global change. Diversity and Distributions, 26 (8). pp. 958-975. ISSN 1366-9516; Electronic: 1472-4642

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