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Dohm, James M. and Miyamoto, Hirdy and Ori, Gian G. and Komatsu, Goro and Pondrelli, M. and Kim, Kyeong J. and Anderson, Robert C. and Fairén, Alberto G. and Hare, Trent M. and Williams, P. and Ruiz Pérez, Javier and Davila, Alfonso F. and McGuire, Patrick C. and Mahaney, William C. and Schulze-Makuchm, Dirk and Fink, W. and Boston, P. and Di Achille, Gaetano and Glamoclija, M. and Allen, C. and Oehler, D. and Baker, Victor R. and Maruyama, S. and Ip, F. and Wheelock, Shawn J. (2010) Linkage among Geology, Hydrology, Climate, and Life on Earth Point to Possible Life-containing Environments on Mars. In Lunar and planetary science conference abstracts, 41 (2360), March, 1-5, 2010, The Woodlands, Texas.

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