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Paga, I. and Zhai, Q. and Baity-Jesi, M. and Calore, E. and Cruz, A. and Fernández Pérez, Luis Antonio and Gil-Narvión, J. M. and González-Adalid Pemartín, Isidoro and Gordillo Guerrero, A. and Iñiguez, D. and Maiorano, A. and Marinari, E. and Martín Mayor, Víctor and Moreno Gordo, J. and Muñoz Sudupe, Antonio and Navarro, D. and Orbach, R. L. and Parisi, G. and Perez-Gaviro, S. and Ricci-Tersenghi, F. and Ruiz-Lorenzo, J. J. and Schifano, S. F. and Schlagel, D. L. and Seoane Bartolomé, Beatriz and Tarancón, A. and Tripiccione, R. and Yllanes, D. (2021) Spin-glass dynamics in the presence of a magnetic field: exploration of microscopic properties. Journal of statistical mechanics: theory and experiment, 2021 (3). ISSN 1742-5468

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