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Méndez González, Diego and Torres Vera, Vivian Andrea and Zabala Gutiérrez, Irene and Gerke, Christoph and Cascales Sedano, Concepción and Rubio Retama, Jorge and Gómez Calderón, Óscar and Melle Hernández, Sonia and Laurenti, Marco (2021) Upconverting Nanoparticles in Aqueous Media: Not a Dead-End Road. Avoiding Degradation by Using Hydrophobic Polymer Shells. Small, 18 (8). p. 2105652. ISSN 1613-6810

Olmedilla Moreno, Eugenio (2021) Axial vector magnetic charge and magnetic moment. Maxwell’s equations and Lorentz force law. (Unpublished)

Olmedilla Moreno, Eugenio (2021) Geometry and Physics of the Elementary Fermions. 1 (On pride of Jordan Wigner Pauli Weyl Dirac). (Unpublished)

Núñez Leyva, Juan Manuel and Kolosovas Machuca, Eleazar Samuel and Sánchez, John Eder and Guevara, Edgar and Cuadrado Conde, Alexander and Alda, Javier and González, Francisco Javier (2021) Computational and Experimental Analysis of Gold Nanorods in Terms of Their Morphology: Spectral Absorption and Local Field Enhancement. Nanomaterials, 11 (1696). 12 p.. ISSN 2079-4991

Torres Vera, Vivian and Méndez González, Diego and Ramos Ramos, D.J. and Igalla El Youssfi, Asmae and Laurenti, Marco and Contreras Cáceres, Rafael and López Cabarcos, Enrique and Díaz García, Elena and Rubio Retama, Jorge and Melle Hernández, Sonia and Gómez Calderón, Oscar (2021) The effects of dopant concentration and excitation intensity on the upconversion and downconversion emission processes of β-NaYF4:Yb3+,Er3+nanoparticles. Journal of materials chemistry C, 9 (28). pp. 8902-8911. ISSN 2050-7526

Olmedilla Moreno, Eugenio (2021) Creation and annihilation operators for Neutrinos. (Unpublished)

Méndez González, Diego and Silva Ibáñez, Pedro Pablo and Valiente Dies, Fernando and Gómez Calderón, Óscar and Mendez González, Juan Luis and Laurenti, Marco and Egatz-Gómez, Ana and Díaz García, Elena and Rubio Retama, Jorge and Melle Hernández, Sonia (2021) Oligonucleotide sensor based on magnetic capture and photoligation of upconverting nanoparticles in solid surfaces. Journal of colloid and interface science . 15 p.. ISSN 0021-9797 (In Press)

Rodriguez Schwendtner, Eva María and Álvarez Herrero, Alberto and Mariscal Jiménez, Antonio and Serna Galán, Rosalía and González Cano, Agustín and Navarrete Fernández, María Cruz and Díaz Herrera, Natalia (2019) Ellipsometric characterization of Bi and Al2O3 coatings for plasmon excitation in an optical fiber sensor. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B: Nanotechnology and Microelectronics, 37 (6). 062914. ISSN 2166-2746

Méndez González, Diego and Melle Hernández, Sonia and Gómez Calderón, Óscar and Laurenti, Marco and Cabrera Granado, Eduardo and Egatz-Gómez, Ana and López Cabarcos, Enrique and Rubio Retama, Jorge and Díaz García, Elena (2019) Control of upconversion luminescence by gold nanoparticle size: from quenching to enhancement. Nanoscale, 11 (29). pp. 13832-13844. ISSN 2040-3364

Carreño Sánchez, Fernando and Yannopapas, V. and Antón Revilla, Miguel Ángel and Paspalakis, Emmanuel (2019) Photon statistics of a quantum emitter close to a lattice of plasmonic nanoparticles. Physical review A, 100 (2). 023802. ISSN 1050-2947

Barrio Uña, Juan Abel and Contreras González, José Luis and Domínguez Díaz, Alberto and Carreto Fidalgo, David Friedrich and Fonseca González, Mª Victoria and Hoang, Kim Dinh and López Moya, Marcos and Miranda Pantoja, José Miguel and Nievas Rosillo, Mireia and Peñil del Campo, Pablo and Saha, Lab and otros, ... (2018) Constraining dark matter lifetime with a deep gamma-ray survey of the Perseus galaxy cluster with MAGIC. Physics of the dark universe, 22 . pp. 38-47. ISSN 2212-6864

Melle Hernández, Sonia and Gómez Calderón, Óscar and Laurenti, Marco and Méndez González, Diego and Egatz-Gómez, Ana and López Cabarcos, Enrique and Cabrera Granado, Eduardo and Díaz García, Elena and Rubio Retama, Jorge (2018) FRET distance dependence from upconverting nanoparticles to quantum dots. Journal of physical chemistry C . 26 p.. ISSN 1932-7447 (Submitted)

Antón Revilla, Miguel Ángel and Razavi, S. Maede and Carreño Sánchez, Fernando and Thanopulos, Ioannis and Paspalakis, Emmanuel (2017) Optical and microwave control of resonance fluorescence and squeezing spectra in a polar molecule. Physical Review A, 96 (6). 16 p.. ISSN 1050-2947

Rodriguez Schwendtner, E. and Díaz Herrera, Natalia and Navarrete Fernández, María Cruz and González Cano, Agustín and Esteban Martínez, Óscar (2017) Plasmonic sensor based on tapered optical fibers and magnetic fluids for measuring magnetic fields. Sensors and actuators A - Physical, 264 . pp. 58-62. ISSN 0924-4247

Epelde Elezcano, Nerea and Palao Utiel, Eduardo and Manzano, Hegoi and Prieto Castañeda, Alejandro and Rodríguez Agarrabeitia, Antonia and Tabero Truchado, Andrea and Villanueva Oroquieta, Ángeles and Moya Cerero, Santiago de la and López Arbeloa, Íñigo María and Martínez Martínez, Virginia and Ortíz García, María Josefa (2017) Rational Design of Advanced Photosensitizers Based on Orthogonal BODIPY Dimers to Finely Modulate Singlet Oxygen Generation. Chemistry: a european journal, 23 (20). pp. 4837-4848. ISSN 0947-6539

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Ray Leiva, César and Márquez Sánchez-Carnerero, Esther María and Moreno Jiménez, Florencio and Maroto, Beatriz Lora and Rodríguez Agarrabeitia, Antonia R and Ortíz García, María Josefa and López Arbeloa, Íñigo María and Bañuelos Prieto, Jorge and Cohovi, Komlan D. and Lunkley, jamie L. and Muller, Gilles and Moya Cerero, Santiago de la (2016) Bis(haloBODIPYs) with Labile Helicity: Valuable Simple Organic Molecules That Enable Circularly Polarized Luminescence. Chemistry: a european journal, 22 (26). pp. 8805-8808. ISSN 0947-6539

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Carreño Sánchez, Fernando and Antón Revilla, Miguel Ángel and Melle Hernández, Sonia and Gómez Calderón, Óscar and Cabrera Granado, Eduardo and Cox, Joel and Singh, Mahi R. and Egatz-Gómez, Ana (2014) Plasmon-enhanced terahertz emission in self-assembled quantum dots by femtosecond pulses. Journal of Applied Physics, 115 (6). ISSN 0021-8979

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Morales Casero, Irene (2022) Propiedades magnéticas de materiales de baja dimensionalidad sometidos a campos de radiofrecuencia. [Thesis]

Gutiérrez Reyes, Daniel (2021) Transverse momentum dependent distributions for the Electron-Ion Collider era. [Thesis]

Lastoria, Chiara Filomena (2021) Análisis de la producción y propagación de la luz de centelleo en el detector de doble-fase WA105. [Thesis]

Álvarez Fernández, Adrián (2021) Measurement of Higgs boson production via gluon fusion in the H WW decay channel with the CMS experiment. [Thesis]

García-Tabares Valdivieso, Ana (2020) Optics-measurement-based Beam Position Monitor calibration. [Thesis]

Varela Alonso, Rodrigo (2020) New developments of high current beam profile monitors for ion accelerators applied to fusion material research. [Thesis]

Delgado Cabello, Álvaro (2020) Preparación de nanopartículas de ferrita y estudio de propiedades magnéticas y magnetotérmicas. [Thesis]

Navas Nicolás, Diana (2019) Measurement of the ø₁₃ neutrino mixing angle with the two detectors of the Double Chooz experiment. [Thesis]

Prado Hurtado, Félix del (2019) Micro y nanoestructuras de óxido de estaño y sus nanocompuestos con óxido de grafeno: síntesis, luminiscencia y aplicaciones en energía. [Thesis]

González González, David (2019) Electronic properties of graphene on a piezoelectric substrate. [Thesis]

Sánchez Sánchez, Beatriz (2019) Modelling the wind flow and dispersion of reactive pollutants in cities at microscale. [Thesis]

López Sánchez, Jesús (2018) Síntesis de partículas de épsilon-Fe₂O₃ mediante sol-gel : caracterización magnética y estructural. [Thesis]

González Canle, Felicísimo (2012) Contenidos de estructura atómica en libros de textos españoles de química general (1928-1975). [Thesis]

Torres-Rincón, Juan M. (2012) Hadronic transport coefficients from effective field theories. [Thesis]

Santaolalla Camino, Javier (2012) Measurement of electroweak processes in muon decay channels, in pp collisions at √s=7 TeV, in the CMS experiment at LHC. [Thesis]

Nebreda Manjón, Jenifer (2012) Quark mass and "Nc" dependence of meson-meson scattering and light resonances within unitarized chiral perturbation theory. [Thesis]

Carrillo Barrera, David Manuel (2010) C-Band LINAC for a race track microtron. [Thesis]

Vidal Maroño, Miguel (2010) Search for third generation squarks in the missing transverse energy plus jet sample at CDF Run II. [Thesis]

Feito Guzmán, Manuel (2010) Ratchets brownianas retroalimentadas e información. [Thesis]

Venta Granda, José de la (2009) Propiedades magnéticas de nanopartículas de oro. [Thesis]

Faleiro Usanos, Eduardo (2003) Estructura multifractal y aplicaciones de las fluctuaciones en cascadas atmosféricas producidas por rayos cósmicos. [Thesis]

Portocarrero Pimentel, Ciro Edwin (2003) La componente de radiación Cherenkov como elemento diferenciador entre cascadas atmosféricas iniciadas por rayos gamma y protones en el rango de energía de 10 [elevado a] 10 - 10 [elevado a] 16 eV. [Thesis]

Trabajo Fin de Máster

Asín Cruz, Ivan (2011) Búsqueda de muones excitados con el detector CMS en el colisionador LHC (Search for excited muons in CMS detector in the LHC collider). [Trabajo Fin de Máster]

López Castaño, José Mariano (2011) Estudio del funcionamiento del detector de neutrinos Double Chooz (Study of the performance of the Double Chooz neutrino detector). [Trabajo Fin de Máster]

Quintario Olmeda, Adrián (2011) Measurement of the inclusive production cros-section of W bosons at SQRT(S) = 2.76 TeV in the LHC (Medida de la sección eficaz de producción inclusiva de bosones W a SQRT(S) = 2.76 TeV en el LHC). [Trabajo Fin de Máster]

Proyecto de Innovación Docente

Contreras González, Jose Luis and Barragán García, Vicenta María and Dinis Vizcaino, Luis Ignacio and Izquierdo Gil, María Amparo and Mohino Harris, Elsa and Rosado Vélez, Jaime and Zarco Moreno, Manuel and Álvarez Nicolás, Carlos and Barrio Uña, Juan Abel and Nieto Castaño, Daniel and Rodríguez Pérez, Oscar and Salvadores Bustamante, Diego (2020) Actualización e internacionalización del catálogo "OSCAR" de experiencias de Física General. [Proyecto de Innovación Docente]

Franco Peláez, Francisco Javier and Antoranz Canales, Pedro and Castillo Morales, África and García Payo, M. Carmen and Olea Ariza, Javier (2015) Fomento del uso de software libre de tipo científico en estudios de ciencias. [Proyecto de Innovación Docente]

Llanes Estrada, Felipe José (2016) LHC@Complutense. Análisis de datos de física de altas energías en el Grado en Física y el Máster en Física Teórica. [Proyecto de Innovación Docente]

Trabajo Fin de Grado

Bellisario, Marco and Villota de la Puebla, Eduardo (2019) Mapas de concentración de cromóforos con un teléfono móvil. [Trabajo Fin de Grado]

García Ortiz, Diego Antonio (2018) Evaluación del impacto ambiental de nanopartículas. [Trabajo Fin de Grado]

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