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Stelfox, Martin and Martín Cereceda, Mercedes and Vahed, Karim and Hudgins, Julian and Köhnken, Stephanie and Iqbal, Usman and Shameel, Ibrahim and Hancock, Joana M. and Sweet, Michael (2021) The Olive Ridley Project (ORP): a successful example of how to engage researchers, conservation practitioners and civil society. Research for All, 5 (2). pp. 448-473. ISSN Electronic: 2399-8121

Bribiesca Contreras, Guadalupe and Dahlgren, Thomas G. and Horton, Tammy and Drazen, Jeffrey C and Drennan, Regan and Jones, Daniel O.B. and Leitner, Astrid B. and McQuaid, Kirsty A. and Smith, Craig R. and Taboada, Sergi and Wiklund, Helena and Glover, Adrian G. (2021) Biogeography and connectivity across habitat types and geographical scales in Pacific Abyssal Scavenging Amphipods. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8 (705237). pp. 1-18. ISSN 2296-7745

Herranz, María and Leander, Brian S. and Pardos Martínez, Fernando and Boyle, Michael J. (2019) Neuroanatomy of mud dragons: a comprehensive view of the nervous system in Echinoderes (Kinorhyncha) by confocal laser scanning microscopy. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 19 (86). pp. 1-20. ISSN 1471-2148

Álvarez-Campos, Patricia and Kenny, Nathan J. and Verdes, Aida and Fernández, Rosa and Novo Rodríguez, Marta and Giribet, Gonzalo and Riesgo, Ana (2019) Delegating Sex: Differential Gene Expression in Stolonizing Syllids Uncovers the Hormonal Control of Reproduction. Genome Biology and Evolution, 11 (1). pp. 295-318. ISSN 1759-6653

Ribas, L. and Crespo, B. and Sánchez-Baizán, N. and Xavier, D. and Kuhl, H. and Rodríguez, J. M. and Díaz, N. and Boltaña, S. and MacKenzie, S. and Morán, F. and Zanuy, S. and Gómez, A. and Piferrer, F. (2019) Characterization of the European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) Gonadal Transcriptome During Sexual Development. Marine Biotechnology, 21 (3). pp. 359-373. ISSN 1436-2236

García Herrero, Álvaro and Sánchez Santos, Nuria and García Gómez, Guillermo and Pardos Martínez, Fernando and Martínez, Alejandro (2017) Two new stygophilic tanaidomorphs (Peracarida, Tanaidacea) from Canary Islands and southeastern Iberian Peninsula. Marine Biodiversity . pp. 1-24. ISSN 1867-1616, ESSN: 1867-1624

Working Paper or Technical Report

Kvamsdal, Sturla and Maroto Fernández, José María and Morán Cabré, Manuel and Sandal, Leif K. (2015) Continuous vs discrete-time bioeconomic models: Seasonal fisheries. [ ] (Unpublished)

Maroto Fernández, José María and Morán Cabré, Manuel (2013) Modeling the stochastic dynamics of the aggregate stock in collapsed fisheries: The case of the Northern cod stock. [ ] (Unpublished)


Corral Estrada, Jerónimo (2015) Contribución al conocimiento del plancton de Canarias: estudio cuantitativo, sistemático y observaciones ecológicas de los copepodos epipelágicos en la zona de Santa Cruz de Tenerife en el curso de un ciclo anual. [Thesis]

García Rodríguez, Mariano (2004) La gamba roja "Aristeus antennatus" (Risso, 1816) (Crustacea, Decapoda) : distribución, demografía, crecimiento, reproducción y explotación en el Golfo de Alicante, Canal de Ibiza y Golfo de Vera. [Thesis]

Araujo Armero, Rafael (1995) Contribución a la taxonomía y biogeografía de la familia Sphaeriidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia) en la Península Ibérica y Baleares con especial referencia a la Biología de Pisidium amnicum. [Thesis]

Digitized item

Gualtieri, Niccolo (1742) Index testarum conchyliorum quae adservantur in museo Nicolai Gualtieri ... et methodice distributae exhibentur tabulis CX. [Digitized item]

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