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Alba Rubio, Claudio and Sansano Maestre, José and Cid Vázquez, María Dolores and Martínez Herrero, María del Carmen and Garijo Toledo, María Magdalena and Azami Conesa, Iris and Moraleda Fernández, Virginia and Gómez Muñoz, María Teresa and Rodríguez Gómez, Juan Miguel (2022) Captive Breeding and Trichomonas gallinae Alter the Oral Microbiome of Bonelli’s Eagle Chicks. Microbial Ecology . ISSN 0095-3628


Bustamante Domínguez, Rocío and Canfrán Arrabé, Susana and Álvarez Gómez de Segura, Ignacio and Aguado Domínguez, Delia (2022) Intraoperative effect of low doses of ketamine or dexmedetomidine continuous rate infusions in healthy dogs receiving propofol total intravenous anaesthesia and epidural anaesthesia: A prospective, randomised clinical study. Research in Veterinary Science, 143 . pp. 4-12. ISSN 0034-5288

Barroso Arévalo, Sandra and Barneto, Alberto and Ramos, Angel M and Rivera Arroyo, Belén and Sánchez García, Rocío and Sánchez Morales, Lidia and Perez Sancho, Marta and Buendía Andrés, Aranzazu and Ferreras, Elisa and Ortiz Menéndez, Juan Carlos and Moreno, Inmaculada and Serres Dalmau, Consuelo and Vela, Carmen and Risalde, María A. and Domínguez Rodríguez, Lucas and Sánchez Vizcaíno, José Manuel (2022) Large-scale study on virological and serological prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in cats and dogs in Spain. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 69 (4). E759-E774. ISSN 1865-1682

Benito Benito, Miguel and Portero Fuentes, Miriam and Manso Díaz, Gabriel and Sánchez Madonado, Belén and Pérez Díaz, Carmen (2022) Clinical signs, diagnostic imaging and histopathology in a dog with granulomatous meningoencephalitis manifested as a polyneuropathy. Veterinary Record Case Reports . ISSN 2052-6121


García San José, Paula and Arenas Bermejo, Carolina and Alonso Miguel, Daniel and González Sanz, Sandra and Clares Moral, Irene and Portero Fuentes, Miriam and Pérez Alenza, María Dolores (2022) Survival of dogs with pituitary‐dependent hyperadrenocorticism treated twice daily with low doses of trilostane. Veterinary Record . ISSN 0042-4900

García Díez, Esther and López-Oliva Muñoz, María Elvira and Caro Vadillo, Alicia and Pérez Vizcaíno, Francisco and Pérez Jiménez, Jara and Ramos, Sonia and Martín, María Ángeles (2022) Supplementation with a Cocoa–Carob Blend, Alone or in Combination with Metformin, Attenuates Diabetic Cardiomyopathy, Cardiac Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Zucker Diabetic Rats. Antioxidants, 11 (2). p. 432. ISSN 2076-3921

García Eusebi, Paulina and Sevane Fernández, Natalia and O’Rourke, Thomas and Pizarro Díaz, Manuel and Boeckx, Cedric and Dunner Boxberger, Susana (2022) Age Effects Aggressive Behavior: RNA-Seq Analysis in Cattle with Implications for Studying Neoteny Under Domestication. Behavior Genetics . ISSN 0001-8244


Hernández Martín, Marina and Bocanegra De Juana, Aránzazu and Redondo Castillejo, Rocío and Macho González, Adrián and Sánchez Muniz, Francisco José and Benedí González, Juana María and Bastida Codina, Sara and García Fernández, Rosa Ana and Garcimartín Álvarez, Alba and López Oliva, M. Elvira (2022) Could Duodenal Molecular Mechanisms be Involved in the Hypocholesterolemic Effect of Silicon Used as Functional Ingredient in Late‐Stage Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus? Molecular Nutrition & Food Research . p. 2200104. ISSN 1613-4125


López Sanromán, Francisco Javier and Montes Freilich, Gloria and Gómez Cisneros, David and Izquierdo Moreno, José and Varela del Arco, María and Manso Díaz, Gabriel (2022) Morphine with or without Acepromazine in Horses: A Kinematic Evaluation. Animals, 12 (9). p. 1193. ISSN 2076-2615


Neila, Carlos and Rebollada Merino, Agustín and Bezos Garrido, Javier and Juan Ferré, Lucía de and Domínguez Rodríguez, Lucas and Rodríguez Bertos, Antonio Manuel (2022) Extracellular matrix proteins (fibronectin, collagen III, and collagen I) immunoexpression in goat tuberculous granulomas (Mycobacterium caprae). Veterinary Research Communications . ISSN 0165-7380


Segarra Larrazábal, Amaya and Herrtage, Michael E. and Salgüero Fernández, Raquel (2022) Diagnostic imaging appearance of canine gastric leiomyomas: Four cases. Veterinary Record Case Reports . ISSN 2052-6121

Santiago Moreno, Julián and Pequeño, Belén and Martinez Madrid, Belen and Castaño, Cristina and Bóveda, Paula and Velázquez, Rosario and Toledano Díaz, Adolfo and Álvarez Rodríguez, Manuel and Rodríguez Martínez, Heriberto (2022) Expression of Aquaglyceroporins in Spermatozoa from Wild Ruminants Is Influenced by Photoperiod and Thyroxine Concentrations. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23 (6). p. 2903. ISSN 1422-0067

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