La sabiduría árabe antigua reflejada en los proverbios de Al-Maydani: traducción y análisis paremiológico de un corpus seleccionado
Arabic knowledge reflected in the proverbs of Al-Maydani: translation and paremiological analysis of a selected corpus



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Sadiq Feidi, Fatina (2016) La sabiduría árabe antigua reflejada en los proverbios de Al-Maydani: traducción y análisis paremiológico de un corpus seleccionado. [Thesis]

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Little is known about Ancient Arabia before the arrival of Islam as it was an area with few inhabited settlements and it was mostly a passageway for traders. In those inhabited settlements we could find some settled Arabs, but the prevailing life style was that of the rest of the population, nomadic Bedouin Arabs who travelled from place to place looking for water and pasture for their cattle, which they lived off. The desert was their natural habitat, a hostile environment full of danger where life was not easy. Camel taming made it possible for them to live that nomadic lifestyle, and the Bedouins became inseparable from their camels and from their horses and cattle. In order to make a living they worked as hunters, transported caravans, and plundered too. In the pre-Islamic era, knowledge was transmitted by oral communication, so very little written information about that time and place remains. One thing that has been handed down are proverbs, which after the 8th Century started to be collected by several writers in various written works. Given the characteristics of those proverbs, which are conserved almost intact from their origins, we can learn much about the lifestyle in Ancient Arabia. What is to be investigated within this thesis is whether through Paremiology it is possible to learn more about this area at this historic moment that precedes the arrival of Islam, and the first years of this religion. To learn about history, we usually rely on historians and palaeontologists, but this work will demonstrate that through Paremiology it is possible to know other aspects of culture, their knowledge, the way of life, thinking, society, etc...

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Tesis inédita de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Filología, Departamento de Estudios Árabes e Islámicos, leída el 20/01/2016

Ould Mohamed Baba, Ahmed Salem
Uncontrolled Keywords:Refranes y proverbios árabes
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